SEO Service Provider

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  2. June 12, 2012 8:26 am

SEO Service Provider

SEO Service Provider

is dedicated to provide high class search engine optimization service to its clients. SEO Service provider’s website launched in May 10, 2012 but It has been doing SEO for its customer since 2010. It has already ranked several high competitive keywords on the first page of Google. Below is the keywords list with website details which is indexed in Google successfully till today.

“Web Clipping Path Services” is at number 2,3,4 position for Webinventa Limited.
Web Clipping Path Services

The above keyword is “Web clipping path services” now if you search with “Clipping Path Services” then this keyword is at number 6 position on Google for Webinventa Limited.
Clipping Path Services

“Photoshop clipping path services” is at number 5 position on Google for Webinventa Limited.
Photoshop Clipping Path Services

“Image Masking” this keyword is now on the seven position of Google though this keyword was ranked in number two position several days ago. I think client has stopped working on this keyword, after this was indexed at its desired position we stopped working as per our client request. That’s why we are offering monthly basis services to our clients. If any clients take our monthly packages then his/her websites keyword will be on the top achieved position for so long. We do recommend our customers to purchase monthly package.
Image Masking

As we said SEO Service Provider website’s launched in May 10, 2012, We are working on our websites so that our main keywords will be on the top position in Google. One of our chosen keyword is already on the top position on Google.
If you search with “manual seo service provider” in Google then you will see our website is ranked on third position of Google.
Manual seo service provider

We will rank other chosen keywords like manual forum posting, manual blog commenting services. So please pray for us so that we can deliver good results/products/services to our customers till the end of the day.

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