Terms and Condition

This directory has launched by www.SEO-SERVICE-PROVIDER.org admin. Clients of seo-service-provider.org can submit their website(s) URL(s) in this directory for free or they can ask admin to submit their site link in this directory. This directory is built after SEO Analysis. So, we can tell this directory is one of the best SEO friendly directory. Members can submit their site link for free or they can choose any package(s) offered by SEO Service Provider Directory, Users can find different package options whenever they are going to submit their site link. We recommend our website users to choose “Feature Listing Package” because their submission(s) will be viewed directly from the home page of this directory.

If anyone is going to submit link in this directory then he/she has to follow the following rules:
1. Adult content is not allowed anywhere in this directory. That’s why you can’t find any adult categories or subcategories. Doing such act will ban you from this directory.
2. Gambling site link is not allowed.
3. Arm(s) dealing website links are forbidden. If we find someone submitting arms dealing website link then he/she will be banned without any notice.
4. Physically threatening or intimidating to other members is not allowed.
5. Site link intended for any illegal purpose will be deleted without any notice.
6. No money back guarantee. Once you buy any package(s) then your site will be on our directory until the deadline. If you want us to remove your site link from our directory then you are welcome to contact us but please don’t ask for refunds.
7. Spamming of any kind is not allowed.

8. Submit in right category or subcategory. Free users are not permitted to submit their site links in category listing. Free users submissions will be always in subcategory section. If any user submit site link(s) in parent category then site link will not be approved for listing or will be deleted without any prior notice. Free user(s) is not allowed to submit any deep link(s) of website pages. Please submit your main domain link. Don’t waste your time by submitting sub-directory link of your website, Sub-directory link will not be approved from free user(s).
9. We do not have any Affiliate/Re-seller program so we do not have any re-sellers or affiliates.
10. Admin can edit/update user(s) submission(s).
11. Site usage policy or terms and condition can be changed without any prior notice.
12. Spam website link(s) or Bad neighborhood link(s) are forbidden.

If any user faces any issue(s) with submit process then please contact us immediately.

Thanks and Best regards,
Admin of SEO Service Provider Directory