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Yahoo! - Another search engine

Yahoo! – Another search engine

David Filo,Jerry Yang,Stanford University,Yahoo!,Apple Computer,Atari,Oracle,Cisco Systems,Sunnyvale

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Two Ph.D. candidates in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, David Filo and Jerry Yang, were the actual founders of today’s They both were very interested to make lists of their favorite links from the internet rather than their doctoral degree. So, eventually they were giving much more time in their list(s) and storing favorite links and by doing such act, their lists became so long that they had to make categories for these long lists. When categories became too long, they created sub-categories and thus from this concept, Yahoo! was born.

Yahoo at the first time was “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web”. It was actually a guide book which instructs surfers to surf and search on the web. It was a guide so that people could find lots of information about various websites in just one place. Sooner, Jerry and David realized that they were not alone who wanted to see every information in just one place, but there were hundreds of people entering their guide from far beyond the Stanford trailer! Yahoo! celebrated its first million-hit day in the fall of 1994, translating to almost 100 thousand unique visitors!

“Sequoia Capital” was the first donor/fund manager to Yahoo! which agreed to fund Yahoo! in April 1995 with an initial investment of nearly $2 million. They were also well-regarded firm as they made successful investment in Apple Computer, Atari, Oracle and Cisco Systems. Tim Koogle was the first CEO of Yahoo!, before joining Yahoo!, he was a veteran of Motorola and an alumnus of the Stanford engineering department. Jeffrey Mallett was the first Chief Operating Officer in Yahoo!

Yahoo! became public limited company after launching a highly-successful IPO in April 1996. Present days, Yahoo! is a giant company and serving three hundred and forty five million individuals each month worldwide. Services include Corporate Yahoo!, a popular customized enterprise portal solution; audio and video streaming; store hosting and management; and Web site tools and services. It has free mail services to all of Yahoo! users named as “Yahoo mail”.

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